@trumpet would it be possible to get my server (social.florianjensen.com) whitelisted for the relay access?

Another day on the island comes to an end. @ Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort instagram.com/p/CNBIbpCJc91/?i

So, a few weeks ago I switched from to , and I have to say -- I love it! Especially with the Server, all your devices stay in sync super easily - hub.docker.com/r/florider89/jo

Fascinating story on how Amazon switched their entire infrastructure from Sun servers to HP/Linux when the dot com bubble burst. Almost going bankrupt (they were a few Qs from it), that risky decision was the base to AWS, which many people use today.

@angristan hey - I've been trying to get your feedbin docker project up and running, but running into a wall here at this point. For some reason it doesn't want to read config.hosts.
I tried manually editing github.com/feedbin/feedbin/blo and restarting the container - no luck. Any idea?

**Jack Ma Is Missing in Action. Of Course.**

"The billionaire has not been seen in public for more than two months since his company ran afoul of Chinese regulators."


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Última hora: Catalunya suma 3.734 nous contagis de #COVID19 i 97 defuncions. El risc de rebrot puja a 552 punts (+52) i l'Rt a 1,45 (+0,18) #EnTempsRealEPA elpuntavui.cat/en-temps-real.h

Finally had some time this evening to fix my instance and get it up and running correctly behind - Thanks @Nico! innoq.com/en/blog/traefik-v2-a

Regardless of what you think of Julian Assange, this is a welcome win for press freedom and human rights. I hope he is released post haste, can return to his family, and can claim compensation from all involved governments for his inhumane treatment.


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