@trumpet would it be possible to get my server ( whitelisted for the relay access?

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@florian Thanks for letting me know! You'd only really need to let us know if you removed the references to sexism, racism, transphobia or homophobia. If an instance using our relay removed those terms then we'd have to reconsider their use of our relay, but you're good for now! 🙂

@trumpet Is it normal that my Mastodon instance still says: "Waiting for relay's approval" for the relay?

@florian Nope, you should be on the approval list already. Try removing the relay, then re-adding it.

@trumpet Just did that. It seems the response is 401 according to the log. The actor should be:

@florian Oops, I think there was a typo in your instance URL when I added it to the approval list. Try deleting/re-adding again!

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