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It’s the little things, like the simple joy of getting all your essentials at the touch of a button. Shop for groceries from @naivas_kenya or make an order on Glovo express on the Glovo app, spend Ksh.1,500 or more, pay with your Visa card & enjoy free delivery on your next order

I find it baffling that people think they can open a discussion on LinkedIn when this is clearly a copy / pasted message AND they get the name wrong. Clearly not someone I would want to engage with.

@angristan hey - I've been trying to get your feedbin docker project up and running, but running into a wall here at this point. For some reason it doesn't want to read config.hosts.
I tried manually editing github.com/feedbin/feedbin/blo and restarting the container - no luck. Any idea?

After over a decade without Windows, I'm back! Bring on the lockdown.

After going through what is the most annoying terminal at , finally boarded. Who says low cost has to be bad? That said, the plane does need to be cleaned.

From 40°C yesterday to 5°C. Back in the northern hemisphere after nearly 24 hours aboard CX and AY .

It's been real . Will definitely have to come back and actually explore.

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