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@aral Any link on this? Is this all happening because of the iOS app not having a local timeline?
If so, who's forcing users to use that app? There's countless other clients for it if they'd like that feature.

Great to see repairability coming back to Laptops while maintaining a sleek design -

An interesting read on the state of privacy protection in Spain. Shame there's no ISP here along the lines of Freedom Internet in NL.

NEW: Apple released a patch today for an iOS and macOS zero-day, the 13th zero-day detected and patched this year across its products

@trumpet Just did that. It seems the response is 401 according to the log. The actor should be:

@trumpet Is it normal that my Mastodon instance still says: "Waiting for relay's approval" for the relay?

Aaalright - looks like federation has now also been fixed 🤞

Migrated my instance over to a machine with an SSD. Let's see if that works better now.

Driving an i3 this month, it's been a great city car, so it's a shame to see that cocked up so badly when it comes to future EVs:

RT @josephfcox
New: here is how hackers broke into EA games and stole a ton of code/internal tools
- bought cookie online for $10
- logged into EA Slack
- trick IT support to give login token for EA network

"We explain to them we lost our phone at a party last night"

@trumpet would it be possible to get my server ( whitelisted for the relay access?

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