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After going through what is the most annoying terminal at , finally boarded. Who says low cost has to be bad? That said, the plane does need to be cleaned.

Definitely worth watching the video. Sacha crushing it - Glovo’s Sacha Michaud: ‘I think there will be consolidation’ – TechCrunch

From 40°C yesterday to 5°C. Back in the northern hemisphere after nearly 24 hours aboard CX and AY .

It's been real . Will definitely have to come back and actually explore.

It's been a great few days in . Time to head across the Tasman Sea once more to Melbourne and Perth.

Pretty nifty. Run DSM on any old hardware. Xpenology: The Definitive Guide (2019 Update)

A phenomenal dinner, rivalling the likes of Mastros in NY. Did not expect 's food game to be this strong. Happy everybody.

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