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Wrote a blog post yesterday on how to get rid of Vodafone Spain's router and use your own instead:

After over a decade without Windows, I'm back! Bring on the lockdown.

‪They say to protect against you need hand wash with at least 60% alcohol. I’m protecting myself by ingesting it directly ... you know it makes sense‬.

Alright, after a weekend of tinkering with Vodafone Spain's IPTV service, here's a step by step guide on how to watch it using VLC:

After going through what is the most annoying terminal at , finally boarded. Who says low cost has to be bad? That said, the plane does need to be cleaned.

Definitely worth watching the video. Sacha crushing it - Glovo’s Sacha Michaud: ‘I think there will be consolidation’ – TechCrunch

From 40°C yesterday to 5°C. Back in the northern hemisphere after nearly 24 hours aboard CX and AY .

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