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An interesting read on the state of privacy protection in Spain. Shame there's no ISP here along the lines of Freedom Internet in NL.

NEW: Apple released a patch today for an iOS and macOS zero-day, the 13th zero-day detected and patched this year across its products

Aaalright - looks like federation has now also been fixed 🤞

Migrated my instance over to a machine with an SSD. Let's see if that works better now.

Driving an i3 this month, it's been a great city car, so it's a shame to see that cocked up so badly when it comes to future EVs:

RT @josephfcox
New: here is how hackers broke into EA games and stole a ton of code/internal tools
- bought cookie online for $10
- logged into EA Slack
- trick IT support to give login token for EA network

"We explain to them we lost our phone at a party last night"

@trumpet would it be possible to get my server ( whitelisted for the relay access?

Another day on the island comes to an end. @ Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort

So, a few weeks ago I switched from to , and I have to say -- I love it! Especially with the Server, all your devices stay in sync super easily -

Fascinating story on how Amazon switched their entire infrastructure from Sun servers to HP/Linux when the dot com bubble burst. Almost going bankrupt (they were a few Qs from it), that risky decision was the base to AWS, which many people use today.

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